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GLEE (3x22)

this is exactly how I feel


This spoke right to me .


This is so hard. So hard to see the one you love be happy with someone else.

Just a little over a week ago you were telling me you love me forever. Now your getting married with Her. After everything, you said that nothing would break us apart, we were going to move in together, possibly get married together.

You knew how much I love you, how much I poured my feelings out to you, how I would do anything for you. How can you do this to me? Why.

I went to look for you, fought for you. I never fought for anyone and you brushed me off like I was nothing. You lied to me. You did not have the BALLS to tell me that you didn’t love me. That you were cheating on me. That you were leaving me for Her.

I don’t mind that you go with her because now I know. THE TRUTH. I know now and its better to know now than later. Congrats on the engagement, but she will never be faithful to you or SHE WILL NEVER BE ME. Maybe that’s why you guys were meant to be together.

Goodbyes hurt but it was easy for you. So it’s time for me to smile and put this behind me. I can never love another like how I loved you but maybe one day I will.