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"You could be there unconditionally to protect him, care for him, love him, but, he’ll never love you back. You’re just nice to have around for the meantime. You’re the girl before he finds the one. You’re Plan B: an option not a priority. He only makes time for you because he doesn’t have anyone else and you make him feel wanted, needed, loved. He stays because you’re willing to fuck him and he pretends to love you because he’ll know you’ll fall for it. And you do. But, he will never love you back the way that you want him to. There’s no painless way out of this. You’ve fallen in love with him. He made you believe that you two were meant for each other. He’ll hold your hand as if you were his but, you know you’re not. He’ll whisper sweet little nothings into your ear in the middle of the night. He’ll kiss you like he means it.

Sooner or later, you’re going to come out broken and scarred. You know it. You know someday he’ll abandon you for someone else. Someone he would protect, care for and love unconditionally. He’ll find her and she’ll be the one. Plan A: the priority. He’ll make time for her and ensure that she feels wanted, needed and loved. He’ll stay for all the right reasons. He’ll fall for her. He’ll hold her; not just her hand. He’ll whisper exactly how he feels into her ear in the middle of the night. He’ll kiss her and he’ll mean it. You’re just the girl before he finds her."


The One That Doesn’t Love You Back // by c-oquetry (via c-oquetry)

Did someone just write about my past???

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Holy fuck, yeah

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